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Top 19 Most Valuable Brett Favre Cards

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Beginning his college career as the 7th string quarterback at the University of Southern Mississippi, Brett Favre moved up the ranks and soon became the starting quarterback for the Golden Eagles. Despite Favre's coaching staff's desire for him to play defensive back, Favre had other ideas. His four years at Southern Mississippi put him on the map, where he was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1991 NFL Draft with the 33rd pick by the Atlanta Falcons. After one season with the Falcons where Favre only had four passing attempts, two of which were interceptions, he was traded to the Green Bay Packers.

On September 20, 1992, Brett Favre's 2nd game with the Packers, he fumbled four times, which led the Lambeau faithful to call for his removal from the game. However, Favre wound up leading the Packers to a last-second victory that day. Brett Favre received the nod for the starting quarterback in the following game, where he never looked back as the streak began. Brett Favre goes down as the most durable quarterback in NFL history, where he played 297 consecutive games from his rookie season in 1992 until his last season in 2010. Including the postseason where Favre played an additional 24 games, the ironman played 321 consecutive NFL games. During Favre's 297 game streak, 238 quarterbacks made their NFL debut.

The Lambeau legend is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game, influencing his sports cards' value. Read ahead as we analyze the Top 19 Most Valuable Brett Favre Cards.


2000 Score Brett Favre Team 2000 Autographs #TM5 #'d/50

Recent sale: $395

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

To begin breaking down Brett Favre's top 19 most valuable cards, we are presented with an image of Brett Favre's 1991 rookie card from Score. Score ranked Favre as the 5th most decorated player of the 90s. While Favre accumulated many accomplishments, perhaps his finest could be his ability to become NFL's Most Valuable Player for three consecutive seasons from 1995-1997, which he accomplished in his first eight seasons.

2000 Score serial numbered Favre's card to 50, which featured a Brett Favre autograph inserted into hobby packs. The set featured 18 players, which was a reprint of each player's Score card from 1991. There have only been nine cards graded by either PSA and BGS. The highest grade attained between both grading services is a BGS 8.5, which is the card listed here. Despite being the least valuable card on the list, it still fetches $395. As a Favre autographed card, along with the low print run of 50, and noting that this card's sold price is a BGS 8.5, one could only imagine what a higher graded card would be deserving.


1997 Donruss Preferred Brett Favre Precious Metals #6 #'d/100

Recent sale: $405

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The renowned Mike Holmgren, the Green Bay Packers head coach for seven seasons and Seattle Seahawks head coach for nine seasons, played a considerable role in developing NFL personnel and players. Andy Reid and Jon Gruden were both coaches under Holmgren, though Holmgren's biggest celebrations may be the development of star NFL quarterbacks, including Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Brett Favre. The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in the 1996 season, which was Favre's only Super Bowl victory. He also took the Packers to the Super Bowl in the 1997 season, though they fell to John Elway and the Denver Broncos. In Favre's 1996 Super Bowl season, he threw a career-high 39 TD along with an impressive 95.8 passer rating.

Brett Favre's 1997 Donruss Preferred card was serial-numbered to 100 in this 150 card set. To date, Favre's card from this series has never been graded by PSA, and BGS has a population report of only 13. The cards that have been graded by BGS have fared well, where 10 of the 13 cards submitted earned a BGS 9.5.


2014 Flawless Brett Favre Benchmarks Platinum #2 #'d/1

Recent sale: $411

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

2014 Flawless by Panini was the company's debut for football cards, which were considered high-end cards that contained genuine diamonds or emeralds inserted into cards. This series was released four years after Favre's retirement, though the quarterback has always hoped to play again. While initially retiring in 2008 after his tenure with the Green Bay Packers, Favre officially retired in 2011. Three years after hanging up his cleats, in 2014, Jeff Fisher, then the St. Louis Rams coach, reached out to Favre to try and lure him out of retirement. While that didn't happen, and now 10 years passing since Favre suited up in an NFL uniform, he continues to have hopes he'll play in the XFL for a final comeback at the age of 51.

Benchmarks cards are serial-numbered to 25, though because Brett Favre's card is labeled Platinum, it was limited to one copy. The graded card for the single copy of the card is a BGS 9, though because it is the only card ever produced, only time will tell how much value this card truly holds.


1998 Upper Deck Brett Favre Super Powers Die-Cut Gold #S4 #'d/1

Recent sale: $416

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

1998 Upper Deck relives Favre's franchise breaking 153rd touchdown with the Green Bay Packers. Over his 16 years with Green Bay, Favre threw 442 touchdown passes. Favre threw those 153 touchdowns in just 83 games, whereas another Packers legend Bart Starr, who held the previous record, needed 196 games to reach 152 touchdowns. Brett Favre and Bart Starr are considered the two greatest Green Bay Packers quarterbacks of all-time. What Bart Starr does have on Favre is his ability to win on the final game of the season, where he won five NFL Championships, to Favre's one Super Bowl. Bart Starr was an NFL MVP just once, while Favre's accomplished the award on three occasions. When Bart Starr retired in 1972, he had the NFL record for completion percentage at 57.4%, though Favre had a 62% completion percentage for his career.

1998 Upper Deck was a 30 card set that was prominent for this Brett Favre card. Like 2014 Flawless, this card was also limited to 1 of 1 and similarly graded a PSA 9. Only one could envision what Brett Favre's 1998 Upper Deck card will go for in the future as it is the single copy ever made.


1998 Fleer Tradition Brett Favre Playmakers Theatre #PT5 #'d/100

Recent sale: $443

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

In 1997, Favre led the Packers to a 13-3 record before succumbing to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. In his third straight MVP season, Favre threw for 3,867 yards while tossing 35 touchdowns. He also had a 59.3 completion percentage and a 92.6 passer rating. 1998 Fleer Tradition shares that Favre threw for 30 TD's in four consecutive years, but it fails to mention that this was the first time an NFL quarterback reached the 30 TD mark in four straight seasons.

This set featured some of the best football players ever to play the game, including John Elway, Barry Sanders, and Deion Sanders. As a seven-year veteran at this point, Favre was already being compared to the bests, and the ironman would later go on to play another 13 seasons to rightfully cement himself in NFL history.

1998 Fleer Tradition was a 15 card set, where Favre's card was serial-numbered to 100. As of writing, PSA has no population, and BGS population report is just 7. This card's highest grade is a BGS 9.5, which one of the seven graded cards attained. The card listed here sold for $443, though it's a BGS 8, so collectors could hardly perceive what the single BGS 9.5 would fetch on the market.


1992 Topps Brett Favre #696

Recent sale: $540

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1992 Topps presents Brett Favre's first season stats in the NFL. Appearing in two games, Favre was 0-5 with two interceptions and one sack. In fact, Favre's first NFL pass was a pick-six, and his first completion (which wasn't until his second NFL season) was a tipped pass that he caught himself. Though Packers celebrated GM Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren had ideas for Brett Favre even before he was initially drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1991.

On September 20, 1992, Don Majkowski, the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback, suffered a torn ligament in his ankle in the first quarter, which led to Favre taking over as the starter. Favre went 22-39 for 289 yards with 2 TD while leading the Packers to a victory and never looking back.

1992 Topps was a 759 card set issued in three series, with Favre's card featured in the third and most limited series. This is one of the most graded cards on the list, as PSA graded 366 cards and another 160 graded by BGS. The highest grade by BGS was a BGS 9.5 with a population of 24, along with 127 PSA 10's awarded. To date, 24% of all cards graded by PSA and BGS have earned a 10.


1999 SkyBox E-X Century Brett Favre Essential Credentials Future #16 #'d/75

Recent sale: $566

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

1999 was Favre's first season at the helm where he didn't lead the Packers to a winning record, as the Packers finished 8-8. Over Favre's 20 year career, he only had two losing seasons, the first was with the Packers in 2005 as the Packers went 4-12, and the other came in his final NFL season with the Minnesota Vikings where Favre only played 13 games while recording a 5-8 record. 1999 was Favre's 9th season in the league, though it was for sure a down year for the Hall of Famer, where he recorded his lowest completion percentage up to this point in his career at 57.3%. The only time Favre had a lower completion percentage was in 2006 with the Packers.

1999 SkyBox was issued with 24 packs per box, with only two cards per pack. Favre's card was serial-numbered to 75 and remains one of the most condition sensitive cards on the list. There is a total population of 12 from PSA and BGS combined, where only 8% of cards graded by BGS and PSA earned the highly coveted 10. The Brett Favre card that sold here is a BGS 8.5, meaning 78% of cards graded are of higher value than this BGS 8.5. Collectors can hardly fathom what this would be worth if a card graded higher than a BGS 8.5 popped up.


2020 Mosaic Choice Brett Favre Black Gold #81 #'d/8

Recent sale: $600

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

2020 Mosaic Choice was released just last year, 10 years after Favre's retirement from the NFL. As the card shares, the iron man had a streak of 253 straight Packers games, though he would continue to be a starting quarterback for the Jets and Vikings, where his streak would come to an end at 297 consecutive starts.

Panini Mosaic was released for Basketball for the 2019 season and initially released in 2020 for football. This 300 card set includes everything, such as NFL veterans, retired players, Pro Bowlers, and Hall of Famers. Each box contains 10 packs, with 15 cards per pack. Each pack promised to have a minimum of 2 inserts and parallel cards.

Favre's 2020 Mosaic Choice card was serial numbered to eight. Of those eight, only one card thus far has been graded, which earned a PSA 9. The card presented is the PSA 9 that's currently worth $600. There have been seven other cards in production for this card, and if one surfaces with a grade higher than a 9, collectors will have to give up quite a bit for this 2020 Mosaic Choice featuring the Hall of Famer.


2014 National Treasures Brett Favre Prime Signings Blue #29 #'d/1

Recent sale: $676

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

Favre took over for Don Majkowski in the 1992 season, as the card states, though few remember the skill level Majkowski possessed before Favre replaced him. In fact, he was so proficient that he is in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. In the 1989 season, Majkowski put together an incredible season to finish 2nd in the MVP voting after leading the Packers to a 10-6 season while throwing for 4,318 yards and 27 touchdowns. It wasn't until Majkowski's injury did the door open for Brett Favre.

This 2014 National Treasures card presented by Panini is a 1 of 1 Brett Favre Autographed card. This Panini set includes high-end rookie cards and autographs from current and retired players. 2014 National Treasures was issued with one pack per box and eight cards per pack, recognized as an upscale football set. Brett Favre's card from the series is serial-numbered to just one card, which earned itself a BGS 9.5. Because it is the only card ever made, this card owner could demand serious money to part with this card and possess a lot of leverage for this card to continue to rise in value.


2015 Topps Brett Favre 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph #BF

Recent sale: $700

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

2015 Topps only appeared for sale online on the Topps website for $75 and exclusively offered single card packs. Each card in this set contained each player's first Topps card as a reprint, though they were autographed. The base sets for this set were not serial numbered, though there were two parallels for this card, where silver was serial-numbered to 25 and Gold was a 1 of 1.

The set is in honor of Topps' 60th anniversary, and the 60 card set mostly featured Hall of Fame players. 2015 was also the last time Topps released football cards. 2015 happened to be the year Favre was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, and his Number 4 jersey was retired. He would later be enlisted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the following year.

The total PSA population for this 2015 Topps card starring Favre is six, where five earned a PSA 10. Because five of those six cards given to PSA earned a PSA 10, this card's condition sensitivity is one of the lowest on the list. To put that into perspective, 71% of 2015 Topps cards graded earned a 10 from BGS & PSA combined.


2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Brett Favre 1997 Legends Autograph #182

Recent sale: $761

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

Favre was fresh off an MVP award for the 3rd straight time in 1997 when 1997 Upper Deck Legends was released, though when this card was issued in 2008, Favre was a member of the New York Jets. In Favre's lone season with the Jets, he led them to a 9-7 record while failing to miss the postseason. Despite his first time with a new team since his rookie season with the Falcons 17 years prior, Favre remained competitive while posting a 65.7 completion percentage.

2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection is an autographed Brett Favre card released in 2008, though this is the same card from 1997 Upper Deck Legends. Some of the best football players of all time are featured in this set with their autographs penned directly on the card. This set presented many counterfeits as this card had a similar appearance as the base card.

You were likely to find just one autographed card from the Ultimate Collection per box for this set. As only 6% of cards graded have received a BGS or PSA 10, this is one of the most condition sensitive Brett Favre cards. The card sold for $761 back in October was a PSA 8, which means the 6% of those who possess a PSA or BGS 10 own a gem.


2017 Impeccable Brett Favre Impeccable Jersey Number Autographs #4 #'d/4

Recent sale: $1,000

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

2017 Impeccable shares a portion of Favre's hall of fame speech. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016 when he was first eligible. There are usually lengthy deliberations for Hall of Fame inductees, though it was reported that Brett Favre's Hall of Fame vote was no longer than 10 seconds before that panel reached a decision. Brett Favre was clutch his entire career and ranks 6th all-time in game-winning drives with 43.

Released on October 11, 2017, this was the 2nd season of Panini Impeccable, including eight cards per pack and five autographed cards per box, along with one rookie autographed patch. This set featured rookies, veterans, and NFL legends, where Brett Favre's card was serial numbered to four. Only one of the four cards have yet to surface, which earned a BGS 9.5. With only three other cards out there, they will demand serious attention from collectors if they ever emerge.


1997 SkyBox E-X2000 Brett Favre Essential Credentials #13 #'d/100

Recent sale: $1,825

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

1997 Skybox displays Favre's 1996 stats where he was awarded his 2nd NFL MVP award. He would go on to win MVP the next year as well while posting a near-identical completion percentage with 59.3% compared to 59.9% the year before. In both 1996 and 1997, Favre led the Packers to a 13-3 record while winning the NFC Central both years.

In 1996, the Packers took home the Super Bowl versus the New England Patriots, where Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback for the Patriots. The Packers were massive 14 point favorites versus the Patriots in the game and won by precisely that margin with a score of 35-21. The Packers appeared in the Super Bowl the following year and were again massive 11 points favorites versus John Elway and the Denver Broncos, though they fell 31-24.

1997 Skybox was presented with five cards per pack and 20 packs in each hobby box. Favre's card had a print run of 100, where just 6% of cards graded have earned a 10 from PSA or BGS, which makes 1997 Skybox one of Favre's most condition sensitive cards.


1998 Bowman Chrome Brett Favre Golden Anniversary Refractors #125 #'d/5

Recent sale: $1,875

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

1998 Bowman featured Brett Favre's 1997 season split stats. As the stats reveal, Favre simply dominated the game in the 1st half, which attests that Favre often put the game out of reach before the half ended. The discrepancy between Grass and Turf is because Lambeau field was a grass surface. Favre led the Packers to a 13-3 record in 1997, which was tied for the best record in his career. Favre posted a 13-3 record three times in his career, which happened in 1996, 1997, and 2007, all of which as a member of the Packers.

Overall, refractor cards were inserted at a rate of 1 in every 1,072 packs, though Favre's card from 1998 Bowman Chrome was even rarer and serial-numbered to only five. BGS has recorded a population of one, which earned a BGS 9, and PSA has reported 3 PSA 10's. The card sold for $1,875 as a BGS 9, indicating serious attention will encompass this card whenever this Favre's 1998 Bowman Chrome surfaces.


1992 Stadium Club Brett Favre #683

Recent sale: $2,000

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

Entering into the top five most valuable Brett Favre cards, 1992 Stadium Club digs into Favre's attributes, where the card places Favre's arm strength at 4.6 of 5. In the sports world, hockey slapshots reach 110 mph, in baseball Nolan Ryan has unofficially touched 108 mph, and Favre is estimated to have thrown 63 mph. While Favre's speed sounds like it's much less than other sports, this speed is one of the fastest a QB has ever reached due to the shape of the football.

1992 Stadium Club happens not to be Favre's rookie card, as his first Stadium card showed him as a member of the Falcons, though this 1992 First Stadium card is his first as a member of the Packers. The set includes three series, where Favre's card is included in the third and most exclusive series. A hobby box included 36 packs with 15 cards in each pack. Brett Favre's card in this set has led to a massive asking price for sealed packs if you are interested in the 1992 Stadium Club. While this is the most graded Favre card on the list, PSA's population sits at 3,105 and BGS reaching 2,442; it remains the most condition sensitive Brett Favre card. Of the 3,373 graded cards between PSA and BGS, only 5% of them have earned a clear 10.


1999 SkyBox Metal Universe Brett Favre Precious Metal Gems #150 #'d/50

Recent sale: $2,103

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

1999 SkyBox is the first card that shares Brett Favre's sack totals. In 1998, Favre was sacked 38 times, his second-highest total for a season in his career. The most times Favre was sacked in a single season was 40 times, which came in 1996. In case you were wondering, Favre has been sacked more than any other quarterback in NFL history. Favre has been sacked on 525 occasions, with Tom Brady not far behind, who sits at 521 sacks. Fittingly, Favre was also sacked in 2002 when the Packers took on the Giants when Michael Strahan recorded his single-season sack record with 22.5 sacks.

Despite Favre being sacked 525 times, the single-season leader for times sacked is David Carr, who was sacked 76 times in the 2002 season. Favre 40 sacks in 1996 actually sit outside the top 200 of most sacked quarterbacks in a single season. For comparison, Russell Wilson was sacked 41 times in 2016, which is one more than Favre was sacked in his worst NFL season. His career sack totals are skewed because the ironman played 20 NFL seasons.

1999 SkyBox was presented in eight-card packs, with 24 packs in each hobby box. As Favre's card has a print run of 50, to date, only five have been graded, with the highest grade earning a BGS 9. The card graded here that sold for $2,103 was graded a BGS 8.5. This card is currently Brett Favre's 4th most valuable card, though it has so much potential due to the low print run and recognizing the amount this BGS 8.5 was deserving.


1997 Metal Universe Brett Favre Precious Metal Gems #156 #'d/135

Recent sale: $3,250

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

In 1997, not only was Favre the MVP, but he was also selected to the Pro Bowl, elected to first-team All-Pro, touchdown passing leader, and Super Bowl Champion. 1997 Metal Universe is the most prestigious Favre card other than his rookie cards. Not only that, but Favre's 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems is one of the most valuable cards from the 1990s.

As the third most valuable Brett Favre card, collectors often wish for this card to pop up; the question then lies if whether or not it can be afforded. Favre's 1997 Metal Universe card is prone to chipping along the edges and corners of the card. This was the first year of Precious Metal Gems, which first appeared in basketball.

While 1997 Metal Universe featuring Favre is serial-numbered to 135, to date, there is only a population of 16 between both PSA and BGS. The card sold here that sits as Favre's 3rd most valuable card was graded a BGS 8, signifying that this card's value is second to none. If and when a higher grade reaches the market, collectors should anticipate paying significantly more than $3,250.


1991 Stadium Club Brett Farve (Favre) Super Bowl XXVI #94

Recent sale: $3,650

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

As a Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles member, Favre was selected to the East-West Shrine Bowl, the pro bowl for College Football. In the game, Favre unfortunately injured his hip, which impacted his draft stock. In Favre's rookie year as a Falcon, he competed for the backup job and only appeared in two games in his rookie campaign. Despite Favre's injury and little experience, the Packers took a significant risk trading for him, though there is no denying it paid off. Favre developed into a mastermind who called his own plays throughout his 20 year NFL career en route to the Hall of Fame.

1991 Stadium Club features Brett Farve (Favre) as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. Favre's unique spelling of his name was misspelled on both the front and back of the card. PSA has graded plenty of 1991 Stadium Club cards, though this is the Super Bowl version of the 1991 Stadium Club series, a rare parallel. On top of that, Favre's card is also one of the scarcest cards from the 1991 Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI series. 23% of Favre's cards from the 1991 Stadium Club have earned a PSA or BGS 10. Despite a large number of PSA and BGS 10s already graded, this card will continue to soar in value and continues to be Favre's 2nd most valuable card to date.


1991 Wild Card Brett Favre Collection Draft Picks 1000 Stripe #119

Recent sale: $9,000

On eBay Now: Similar | Exact

The most valuable Brett Favre card of all time was his 1991 Wild Card when he was a member of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles. 1991 Wild Card was also the only card that shares Favre's collegiate stats. Favre put together some big wins at the small program, most notably when Favre led the Golden Eagles past the Florida State Seminoles, ranked the 6th best team in the country, looking to win their 12th straight game. The Seminoles beat the Southern Miss golden eagles by 36 points just a year prior, though Favre led a 58-yard final drive to lead them to victory behind going 21-39 with 282 yards and two touchdowns. It was a game that genuinely put Brett Favre on the map.

1991 Wild Card was a 160 card set that is invaluable because of Brett Favre. PSA has recorded a population of 1,152 with 274 graded a PSA 10, though BGS presents a population of only 20, with the highest grade attained a BGS 9.5. Overall, 23% of 1991 Wild Card featuring Favre have received either a PSA or BGS 10. Brett Favre's most valuable card was a PSA 10, which sold for $9,000 back in November. From 7th string quarterback at Southern Mississippi to Hall of Famer, 1991 Wild Card is the most sought-after and priceless Brett Favre card.

End of an Era

The Green Bay Packers retired Favre's number 4 jersey in 2015, where he will always be one of Lameau's greats. As the only player to ever win the MVP award in three consecutive seasons (1995-1997), Brett Favre became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

Throughout Favre's 20 year career, he broke countless NFL records, and by the time he left the Green Bay Packers after the 2007 season, he was the all-time leader in passing attempts, completions, yards, and touchdowns. While Favre went on to surpass all of those records in a Packer's uniform, he may most be treasured at Lambeau for leading the Packers to victory in Super Bowl 31, which broke a 29 year Super Bowl drought.

Brett Favre played another three seasons in the NFL after departing Green Bay, where he played for the New York Jets in 2008, and with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 and 2010 before hanging up his cleats at the age of 41.

Brett Favre's influence on each football game is comparable to how the value of his football cards has fared over the years. As one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks to step on the gridiron, Brett Favre's football card value will ascend in the ensuing years.

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