Hey, I'm Josh! 🤗

I create resources and tools to help people like you intelligently navigate the sports card game, whether it’s your hobby or your business.

Joshs Michigan Loyalty

You probably landed on this page because you’re curious whose behind Thrillpack, right?

Well, this is me in a few bullet points:

  • I’m a total data + tech nerd (in a good way). 🤖
  • I enjoy using hobby data to help make informed decisions (before investing time or money), and to make cool analyses to gain a deeper understanding of something. 📈
  • I love building tools to automate anything that can free up time in my sports card shop (we do online breaks) or in my investing workflows ⏱️
  • I’m big on freedom and working remotely. 💻
  • I think my pup RZA is the coolest little creature and love him like a son. 🐶
  • I consider myself a “realistic” Michigan football fan. That means I really don’t expect to ever beat Ohio State. If it happens, then its a bonus and I’ll humbly chalk it up to mostly luck. lol. 〽️
  • My relationship with the sports card hobby is one that brings me peace and acts as meditative experience. 🙏

I want to help sports card hobbyists and business owners in a few key ways:

  • I share free resources that help hobbyists have a more productive, fulfilling and entertaining collecting experience. 🕺
  • I share free tools and resources to help hobby business owners free up time, scale faster, and make better decisions. 🦾
  • I create premium (done for you) tools for people that want to skip long learning curves and setups and instantly get the capabilities needed to take your hobby business to the next level. 🪜